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Combining Dependable Expertise With Honest Advocacy

Fee only Registered Investment Advisors

Since 1997

the Deschutes team has remained actively engaged in the retirement planning industry — leading at the front line of the field.

From the businesses and organizations we support to the individuals whose wealth we manage, we have worked closely with countless professionals across industries. With over 30 years in Financial Services, we’ve harnessed the kind of enlightened edge that is only possible through experience.

Just as the industry has evolved, so too have we gained insight and implemented ever-increasing regulatory and technology changes. No matter where you are at in your retirement journey, Deschutes is here to meet you where you are at and guide you to a successful future.  

Our Goal Has Always Stayed the Same:

To be a source of support for businesses and individuals through the entire retirement planning continuum — from the creation of a qualified retirement plan to retirement itself.

What Sets Us Apart

Informed, Well-Rounded Perspective

Deschutes has both a robust retirement consulting team and wealth management team, meaning we consider every angle when providing guidance to businesses, plan participants and individual clients.

Empathetic Support

We understand the time and energy it takes to excel in any given career. As fellow professionals, we bring the same level of skill and devotion to our work that you bring to yours.

Wholehearted Advocacy

Operating as an independent and fiduciary firm means integrity dictates our work. As your advocates, we have your best interest at heart — and never a third party’s.

Extensive Expertise

Having been at the forefront of plan management and retirement planning for decades, you can rely on our team’s collaborative acumen to navigate through complexity.

Engaged Partnership

We’re dedicated to providing tailored guidance and education to help businesses and individuals make wise decisions and cultivate a stronger financial awareness of their situations.

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