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My Family's True Wealth Thumbnail

My Family's True Wealth

The holiday season is here. But let’s be honest, it is certainly not in full swing. Neighbors have strung lights, and inflatable snowmen dance in the windy Portland nights. But we are not getting ready for holiday parties or big family gatherings. While some traditions remain, it is inevitable that this year’s festivities will be...

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When Markets Crash Part Two Thumbnail

When Markets Crash Part Two

It is not uncommon for consumers to cut back on spending during recessionary times. Typically fear, uncertainty, or job loss drive these changes in behavior. However, during the recent pandemic we have seen a spike in...

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When Markets Crash Part One Thumbnail

When Markets Crash Part One

In the summer of 2019, you and your family purchased a home for $300,000. In early 2020, you see that interest rates have dropped, and you are interested in refinancing your mortgage. As part of that process, an appraiser comes to your home and...

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Practical and Tactical Actions for Plans Thumbnail

Practical and Tactical Actions for Plans

With recent changes in the retirement plan landscape, we here at Deschutes partnered with the Retirement Learning Center, to provide a video overview for Plan Sponsors. Watch this video for information on the legislative updates, how you as a Plan Sponsor can take action, and what to expect in the coming months.

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