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Investing for Impact Thumbnail

Investing for Impact

What if the companies you choose to invest in could support your financial goals and help you attempt to make the world a better place? "Impact investing," also called ESG or investing with the intention of creating a positive social or environmental change, in addition to a financial return, is possible and on the rise.

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What Goes Up Must Come Down - A Message from Deschutes CEO Thumbnail

What Goes Up Must Come Down - A Message from Deschutes CEO

What Goes Up Must Come Down - A Reflection and Market Outlook from Deschutes CEO MacGregor Hall. Reflecting on 2022: Volatility in the equity markets is to be expected at times. Anyone who studies the stock market will tell you that “Corrections" and "Bear" markets are common, especially after a period of extraordinary returns that which we experienced through 2020 and 2021. They will also tell you that a "bear" market in fixed income is rare and even more so when combined with a significant decline in the stock markets. In fact, we must go back more than 75 years to find a time when there was as big a decline in both markets simultaneously.

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