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What is a Bear Market; what does it mean for investors? Thumbnail

What is a Bear Market; what does it mean for investors?

What is a Bear Market and how did we get here? Wall Street uses the “bear market” term to describe a sustained period when the equity markets are down at least 20% from their recent peaks. Financial Advisor and CEO of Deschutes Investment Consulting MacGregor Hall shares his perspective about what investors should do during a market downturn as well.

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The 11 Best Quotes about Investing Thumbnail

The 11 Best Quotes about Investing

Want To Learn about Investing? This article shares some of the best quotes about investing and explains the meaning behind them. With over 25 years of combined experience we know investments and retirement planning. Our Advisors at Deschutes Investment Consulting are here to answer your investment questions and help design the right plan for you.

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A Message from Deschutes Investment Consulting CEO MacGregor B Hall  Thumbnail

A Message from Deschutes Investment Consulting CEO MacGregor B Hall

Sometimes there is a disconnect between Wall Street and Main Street. The economy is recovering quickly from the Covid induced slowdown, unemployment is at near all-time lows, wages are soaring, consumers are confident and spending. Unfortunately, prices are also increasing-in fact faster than wages. The Fed is now concerned and is signaling in no uncertain terms that it will reverse the easy money and low interest rate era we have enjoyed over the last five years to fight inflation. The bond and stock markets are reacting as they always do, AHEAD of what is happening now on main street. So even though we experienced a booming economy, the financial markets are issuing their doubts about the prospective future of the economy.

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ESG Investing Defined Thumbnail

ESG Investing Defined

We all want to make small changes to make the world a better place, and some of these changes can take place through your investment portfolio! This article discusses Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) investing, how to get started, and the difference it can make for both your investments and the environment.

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