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Deschutes Advisors receive the FIVE Star Wealth Manager Award for 2023!  Thumbnail

Deschutes Advisors receive the FIVE Star Wealth Manager Award for 2023!

Deschutes would like to Congratulate Laura Fallon-Burns, CFP®, and Carl Burnham III on receiving the FIVE Star Wealth Manager Award 2023! This award is well deserved for both of these advisors as they continue to provide impeccable service to their clients. 

Laura and Carl go above and beyond in their duties as advisors and also support our team and the community individually in their own areas of interest. They have demonstrated exceptional performance, innovation, and leadership, and have made a significant impact on their clients' lives and businesses. Their exceptional communication skills and attention to detail have helped them to build trust and long-lasting relationships with their clients.
Their dedication, hard work, and commitment have helped their clients achieve their goals and objectives, and their achievements have inspired others in the industry to pursue excellence. This award is not just a symbol of excellence; it's a celebration of the advisor's journey, their team, and their clients.

Five Star Professional has recognized Laura and Carl as well in the pages of the Portland Monthly Magazine Summer edition. It is important to note that Five Star Wealth Managers are named using an in-depth research methodology that includes ten objective criteria.

You can learn more about the FIVE Star Award in this video! 

5 Star Video

Congratulations once again to Laura Fallon-Burns, CFP®, Carl Burnham III, and all of the 2023 Five Star Wealth Managers!

Check out Laura's Five Star Profile Here!