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Deschutes Spotlight: Financial Advisor Phil Sherman CFP®, CPFA® Thumbnail

Deschutes Spotlight: Financial Advisor Phil Sherman CFP®, CPFA®

Deschutes Investment Consulting would like to recognize Phil Sherman, CFP®, CPFA®, for all his hard work and dedication since joining the team in 2019. Phil is currently a Financial Advisor and Wellness Specialist at Deschutes, where he helps to guide the financial lives of individual wealth management clients and participants in our Corporate Retirement plans.  

Phil moved to Oregon from Illinois, where he was raised in a family of educators. He graduated with a degree in Economics from the University of Illinois and shortly after went to work in finance. When asked why he wanted to become a financial advisor, Phil states, "Growing up, I spent a lot of time with my grandparents. My grandfather (we call him Fox) was a high school math teacher, and we spent hours after school, working on my math homework and simultaneously watching the stock market close on tv. I was fascinated by the scrolling numbers on the bottom of the screen and wanted to learn more. My grandfather taught me about 'compound interest,' and from there, I was hooked. Fast forward 20 years, and I realized that while the flashing numbers and talking heads on tv are fun to watch, there is a far disconnect from how finance operates for everyday people in the real world, which drove me to become an advisor."

The focus of his work with Deschutes is on financial education, and Phil gives credit to the lessons learned from his Grandpa Fox as to why he still has such a passion for it. He wants to share these lessons with others who may not have had a mentor. On this topic Phil comments, "In my opinion, the lack of financial literacy in this country is one of the driving forces that further exacerbates the wealth divide in this nation. The main reason that drove me to work for Deschutes was the honest approach we take to ensure everyone gets access to financial wellness. We attempt to create an environment where it is ok to ask about finances." 

Outside of his work with Deschutes, Phil enjoys spending time with his wife Jordan and their pets, while also exploring the outdoor activities readily available in the Pacific Northwest. Among their downtime activities are camping, Blazers games, and helping in the community. When asked if there were anything he would like to leave people with, Phil shares a quote from Grampa Fox: "the government can't tax what is in your head." He continues, "It took me a long time to understand what he meant by this, but the point is that knowledge is our greatest asset. That applies to everything in life, and not just finances.” 

Phil is an essential part of the Deschutes team, and his positive attitude and passion for the work we do shines through daily. CEO and Founder MacGregor Hall speaks of Phil in high regard citing, "Phil brings a breath of fresh air with his enthusiasm and knowledge of everything financial. He also routinely goes out of his way to help clients and co-workers, even with the smallest task. Phil is the future face of the financial services industry, Deschutes Investment Consulting, and a great example to other young professionals. We're fortunate to have him."