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Exciting Changes at Deschutes Investments

We have more reasons to celebrate this month here at Deschutes! We’ve added a Financial Wellness Specialist to our already great participant education team, and one of our key employees has reached a milestone in her career.

Phil Sherman, CFP® joined us recently as a Financial Wellness Specialist. Phil works with individual clients and plan participants, helping them achieve the retirement they want by making smart financial decisions every day. He is spearheading this custom wellness program and joining Nicole Bryson in offering clients our unique, objective, education and advice services to their 401k plans.

Deschutes clients already know and appreciate Diane Bella.  As a Corporate Retirement Plan Administrator, she is such an important part of our team that we want to recognize her for 20 years of excellence with us. Diane provides the highest continuous quality service to plan sponsors and participants. Her depth of knowledge and experience sets her apart and our clients always know they have a resource on whom they can count on to get the answers they need.

Diane’s love of numbers led to her degree in accounting, but accounting was not where she wanted to use her skills. Instead, she found a great fit in the world of retirement plans. As the industry grew and changed, so did Diane, each step and piece of information building on the last.

Along with her husband, Diane made the move out West twenty-five years ago. She spent a few years working for a bank, but soon realized that she preferred a smaller, less bureaucratic environment. That’s when we at Deschutes were fortunate enough to find her. Diane is a rarity in that she possesses a command of numbers, knowledge of regulations and facts, but more importantly a personal dedication and loyalty to every client she serves.

Here, Diane says, she can continue her professional mission of making an impact for people and companies. Having worked in all facets of our retirement team, Diane brings a wealth of knowledge that’s hard to come by. Each person at Deschutes has the opportunity to make an impact, she says. We certainly agree that Diane has done that. We hope you will join us in congratulating her on 20 years with us. Thank you, Diane, we hope you will continue to call Deschutes home for many more years!


MacGregor B. Hall
Founder, Deschutes Investment Consulting