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Business Retirement Plans and Consulting

For Long Lasting Financial Health

Refined Solutions

For You, Your Business & Your Employees

As a human resource professional, business retirement plan sponsor or business owner, you care deeply about your employees and the future of your organization. 

Advanced financial strategies, and fiduciary guidance are critical for the well-being of your team and your business. 

Having been at the cutting edge of business retirement plan management for over 30 years, our highly experienced team is here to help you prepare your employees and business for a successful financial future.

We Provide Hands On Team Support to Guide You


Your Employees Through:

Steadfast Partnership

Our goal as your ally is to anticipate your needs, make sure your plan is compliant and reduce the amount of time you need to devote to management. With increased efficiency, you and your team can concentrate on running and building your business, while we help with the retirement plan management.

Fiduciary Guidance

As your advocates, we are committed to fulfilling a fiduciary role both at the plan and participant level. Operating with zero conflicts of interest means the well-being of your business and employees always take precedence.

Plan Design Evaluation

Our team will work with you to evaluate your plan design and determine whether it is in alignment with the goals and values of your company and your employees. If not, we will help strategize and partner with you to design a custom plan built for success.

Streamlined Plan Management 

Our service model is designed to move much of the work of operating a plan off your shoulders to ours. Your benefits and finance staff save time, and you can confidently handle your project professionally and competently. We focus on controlling risk and protecting the company and the corporate and business retirement plan committee from fiduciary liability.

Individualized Education

We’re committed to working with your team in person or virtually through group and individual meetings. Deschutes provides financial literacy presentations so employees can better understand their benefits and economic lives. If your employees have questions or need additional guidance, we’re available on an ongoing basis.

Holistic Financial Wellness Approach

With financial stress as a regular part of many people’s lives, you have an opportunity to provide a life changing element to your employees through a robust benefits package. We maintain a holistic perspective surrounding retirement planning and understand that for most individuals, this involves pieces beyond the corporate retirement plan.

The Process

Step 1:

Understanding Your Retirement Plan Goals

Step 2:

Investment & Fee Benchmarking

Step 3:

Participant Analysis and Peer Comparison

Step 4:

Plan Design Review & Implementation

To learn more about corporate and business retirement plans, contact our specialists:

Macgregor Hall, CIMA®



Phil Sherman, CFP®